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Codes, Standards, Materials

Learn about the resources AMC has available for buyers, specifiers, designers, reviewers, and the general public. From our flagship Standard 107 that defines levels of quality, to our standard masonry fence details, to our workmanship site inspection services, AMC has the resources you need to be successful using masonry products.

AMG Standard 107

In an effort to define the quality of workmanship and materials, the Arizona Masonry Council has developed three levels of quality:




When used alone, this Standard is advisory, and its use is optional. When this Standard is included by reference in the Contract Document specifications, this Standard becomes a part thereof.

Click the PDF icon to download. 

Engineered Fence Details

Developed and sealed by FeltonGroup, these standard structural notes and details for masonry fences can be downloaded and used to help you submit your residential fence project for permit review. Click the PDF icon to download. 

Job Site Inspection Services

AMC provides job site workmanship reviews for masonry structures in Arizona to provide an opinion on the finished structure and its conformity to the project specifications. Click the icon to open an on-line form.

Bid Request

Looking for a licensed contractor to bid on your masonry project? Click the PDF icon to download the Bid request form and AMC will distribute it to all applicable members so they can contact you. AMC makes no recommendation of any member or their qualifications for your particular job.  Click the icon to open an on-line form. 

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Additional Services

AMC provides additional educational programs to project owners, engineers, architects, and plan review authorities. Check out the descriptions of some of our standard programs. Contact AMC for more information, to inquire about additional programs, or to schedule a presentation for your team. 

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